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These are lists of colors:

   List of colors: A–F
   List of colors: G–M
   List of colors: N–Z
   List of colors (compact)
   List of color palettes

See also

   Index of color-related articles


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Color topics

   Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Violet Purple Magenta Pink Brown White Gray Black 

Color science Color physics

   Electromagnetic spectrum
       Light Rainbow Visible Spectral colors Chromophore
       Structural coloration Animal coloration On Vision and Colors Metamerism
       Spectral power distribution 

Color perception

   Color vision
       Color blindness test Tetrachromacy
       Color constancy Color term Color depth
       Color photography Spot color Color printing Web colors Color mapping Color code Color management Chrominance False color Chroma key Color balance Color cast Color temperature 

Color psychology

   Color symbolism Color preferences Lüscher color test Kruithof curve Political colour National colours Chromophobia Chromotherapy 

Color philosophy Color space

   Color model
       additive subtractive Color mixing
       Primary color Secondary color Tertiary color (intermediate) Quaternary color Quinary color Aggressive color (warm) Receding color (cool) Pastel colors Color gradient 

Color scheme

   Color tool
       Monochromatic colors Complementary colors Analogous colors Achromatic colors (Neutral) Polychromatic colors Impossible colors Light-on-dark Tinctures in heraldry 

Color theory

   Chromaticity diagram Color solid Color wheel Color triangle Color analysis (art) Color realism (art style) 

Color terms Basic terms

   Red Green Yellow Blue Orange Purple Pink Brown Black Gray White 

Cultural differences

   Linguistic relativity and the color naming debate
       Distinction of blue and green in various languages Color history
       Color in Chinese culture Traditional colors of Japan Human skin color 

Color dimensions

       Dichromatism Colorfulness (chroma and saturation) Tints and shades Lightness (tone and value) Grayscale 

Color organizations

   Pantone Color Marketing Group The Color Association of the United States International Colour Authority International Commission on Illumination (CIE) International Color Consortium International Colour Association 


   List of colors: A–F List of colors: G–M List of colors: N–Z List of colors (compact) List of color palettes List of color spaces List of Crayola crayon colors
       history pencil colors marker colors paint colors Color chart List of fictional colors 


   Vision Image processing Multi-primary color display
       Quattron Qualia Lighting Local color (visual art) 
   Category Category Portal Portal Index of color-related articles 


   Shades of colorLists of lists

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